Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Why am I starting another blog???

I wanted to write down many of the memories that I've had in my life. I have so many stories to share about things that I find to be hilarious, interesting, heartwarming, etc. .... but that I'm sure most people could care less about....

Unless you know me.

For example, I could talk about the big ditch next to the playground at Horace Mann, or the time playground equipment was being built on the "little kids" playground and for a few glorious months we were allowed to bring a toy from home. Maybe 10 people would like that.

Or I could talk about how once "Our Hearts Were Young..." and at least 15 people would probably know what I'm talking about.

Or the Ottumwa Blues Association, getting ready for marching band each morning, Peter in Ms. Cox's class, Miss America on stage with John Q. Murphy, me and Aimee in one debate tournament, and many other things; at at least 20 people might be interested.

Just beginning a quote with the phrase, "You know, guys, if I was Mark McGwire...," or using the simple 3-digit number "230" would hold the interest for, I'm guessing, 23.0 people or so....

But I want to do this for me.

I have found that at the ripe old age of 32 my memory, even now, is fading a little bit. If I don't start recording some of these things soon, how in the world will I remember them when I'm really old??? (whenever that is.) So, some of these hilarious stories must be told. From Elementary school to college, and beyond. Let the reminiscing begin.

So, friends, Iowans, countrymen.... where shall I start? What topics would you care about reliving (even slightly). Let me reach deep into the memory banks, and propose some topics.

- Did he ever really swing over the bar?
- Dodgeball - on a cement wall
- Dan Dan the Fireman
- Riding the bus
- Pep band
- Middle School rotating trimester classes
- Challenger explosion - 1st grade
- Do-so the dolphin
- Best books in the library
- Pink Slips
- Any various adventures of Abe (with me getting drug into...)
- Nintendo
- Spud's Emporium
- Multiple Colleges
- Rogue Garage door opener
- Camp
- My 1st Car, and the cars of others
- Mr. Gullion's class
- Grade school plays
- Dormball
- College rooms
- Caution, Ebola Quarantine area
- Going on the roof with a class I wasn't actually in
- Debate pep assembly

Just a smattering. Your opinion, please.


  1. How bout vacation memories? Of course, only about 2, maybe three people would be interrested. But hey, this is all about you, right? So "waffle house", "motel", "food", "I did it again" (do YOU even remember that or have we just told the story so many times?). Playing legos in the back of the station wagon - NOT wearing seatbelts!

  2. All of those are familiar except "food..." And Yes, the story about "I did it again" has been retold so many times, I think I have phantom memories of it. Good suggestion on the vacations. (How much more will my memory fade in an additional 6 1/2 years, sister?)

  3. -Cedar Croft for Chad!
    -That summer when you non-stop wore the headgear from the Double Dare home game
    -Your miniature bullhorn
    -Defining the word "Strodaly"
    -Trying all summer to get a modem to work with our computers
    -The Beach Ottumwa opening, and the "Block It" kid at the lockers
    -The Street Fighter II arcade machine, with Keith Bereskin's office
    -Your Beach coworker, who sweat into the nacho cheese

  4. -Happy Joe's Employee of the Month: Larry Parrot, and unfortunate corporate policies

    1. Oh my, so many... "Yeah, this is Roger (?) over a Pizza Hut... there are these guys going all over town to restaurants, taunting the employees... just wanted to give you a heads up..." "Oh yeah, they've already been here." :)

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