Sunday, April 2, 2017

Zinus Quick Snap Mattress Foundation (Platform Bed) Review

When we were asked by the good folks at the Voila Mattress company to review their mattress, we needed a place to put it. (See the unboxing of the Voila here; a full review will be coming soon!)

We needed an update to the bed in our guest room anyhow, so enter the Zinus 14" Quicksnap Mattress Foundation! This is a platform bed -- i.e., it is designed for mattresses that do not require a box spring. Pretty much most modern mattresses don't require a box spring, so this fits the bill in almost all situations -- but if it doubt, check with your mattresses manufacturer. (An 18" version is also available.)

The Zinus Quicksnap Mattress Foundation.
In our case, we will be using this platform bed with a mattress that is about 11 inches tall, so the surface of the bed will be about 25 inches off the ground. If you prefer your bed a little taller -- around 29 inches off the ground -- just buy the taller version (the price is the same as of the date of this writing).

This platform bed is so easy to assemble, it requires no tools outside of the rubber mallet that comes in the box (other than a box cutter or scissors to cut things open).

I wanted something that would be quick and easy to assemble, so this fits that bill perfectly. In addition, I wanted something that could be disassembled without too much of a problem, and this fits in that regard too. Something that has a good amount of clearance underneath? Check.

See my video for the assembly:

The assembly was literally what you see in the video (at "regular human speed," of course!!!). The assembly time was under 20 minutes, even with the pause in the middle to explain the instructions. Speaking of instructions, you could figure this one out without even looking at them.

Here is an unlisted video showing it post-assembly, and showing the dimensions:

(Don't you feel special? You got to see a top-secret unlisted video!!!)

Zinus has another hit on their hands here. Almost anybody can put this together. Note that the box it comes in is fairly heavy, so unless you're competing in strong-man competitions, you'll need a friend to help you carry it up or down stairs. (Thanks to my buddy Brian for his help in that department.)

7 days in, and it's holding up great, no squeaks, no shakes, and it is perfectly supportive. My father-in-law visited us for a couple days, slept on it and had no complaints. Note that the dimensions (depth and width) are about 1/2 inch less than the size of the mattress. I believe this is by design to prevent the banging of shins on it. You still could, of course, but it minimizes the pain somewhat!

I highly recommend it.

The slats attach via a very neat Velcro unrolling system --
but rest assured, they are still plenty sturdy! 

Vital Stats:
Available in King, Queen, Full, and Twin
Height: 13.75" based on my measurements
Under-bed clearance: 10.5" approximately based on my measurements
Wooden Slats? - Yes (they Velcro in place in a really neat way!)
Space between slats: 2 1/2 inches approximately based on my measurements

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  1. Do you think that is would be ok for the Sapira?

    1. I do think it would be just fine. We have a Voila sitting on it, and it is a very similar mattress to the Sapira.

  2. Thanks. I just found out there is sales tax of 97.00 on the Sapira - I am still deciding. Regardless I will need a frame.

    1. I'm strongly guessing that varies from state to state. I didn't have to pay any sales tax upon my Sapira purchase. Thanks!

  3. How sturdy is this frame and how much weight does it support? The Zinus website says all their frames are rated to support 500 pounds "exclusive of the mattress". How can they state that if they don't know how much the mattress weighs? Many foam mattresses these days weigh up to 100 pounds. Is Zinus then saying the frame will hold 600 pounds?

    1. That's a good question, and I don't know. You are right that many foam mattresses weigh up to 100 lbs. I would think for queen size, 2 people totaling 400 lbs plus a 100 mattress would be fine. If your combine weight is over 400, would likely be better served with a king size.

  4. So is the frame still holding up after nearly six months? I've read some concerning reviews regarding long-term durability.

  5. Hi. thanks for this video! Do you think it will be possible to disassemble it without damaging it?

    1. Yes, I have taken mine apart and put it back together several times just fine. That's one of the advantages of the QuickSnap design. Thanks for your comment!

  6. Hi! I have this bed frame, it's great and I love it but, I'm moving and wondering how do you disassemble it exactly?

    1. Hi Kimi ... to disassemble, just remove the slats (they just pull off) and use the rubber hammer to bang the parts back apart. It's not hard. Thanks!