Thursday, July 21, 2011

7th Grade Desk Incident

Well, memories must start somewhere.

In 7th grade, English class at Evans Junior High (my class of '97 will remember that we went to one year at "Evans Junior High" and one year at "Evans Middle School." Oh, yes, I really see the difference!). Teacher: Mrs. Stokes. This was near the beginning of the year.

I sat directly to the left of a student -- let's call him "Shane Beckelforn." (I don't want to use real last names on this blog ... especially one that's not all that flattering.)

I wore a long-sleeve shirt to school that day with a tee-shirt underneath. I got to class a couple minutes early, and just moments before the bell rang, I decided I was too hot and decided to take off the outer shirt.

When I reached the moment when I had my right sleeve off and my head just barely thru the hole, Shane decided it would be funny to pull me over. He grabbed the (limp) right sleeve and pulled. With my left arm still halfway stuck in my shirt, and my head now within the main part of the shirt, I fell halfway over. But it was the type of desk that the chair was welded onto, so I didn't fall out of the chair, the whole chair/desk unit tipped over with me in it and I was stuck there for 30 seconds or so, leaning at a 45 degree angle, "headless" against Shane's desk -- probably flailing in a manner that was amusing to the other students.

Mrs. Stokes walked in at that moment, and Shane quickly pushed my desk (with me still in it) back to the standard upright position. -- Like, Oh, if I do it real fast, she won't notice!!! Of course she did, and this was one of those situations where no one needed to tattle, reputations gave away the situation very clearly.

I removed the stretched-out overshirt and tried my best to not be embarrassed. Shane was sent to the hallway to await further discipline (I have no idea what came of it.)


  1. The mental picture is hysterical. Doug, you have GOT to read the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" series. The boys have both read them all twice! THey will bring the movies on vacation. Maybe you can watch one with them. But the books are better.
    Trent would love this story, I will have him read it. Then again, he's going to "middle" school this year. I don't want to scare him.