Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wedding Day Laundry

5-25-'01 ... our Wedding Day! [Insert Standard Mushy Comment Here]

Our wedding was in the evening, so I had no need to wake up particularly early that day. I had already moved into the Faith Apartment that Debbi & I would eventually be living in at 226 College Ave. in Ankeny.

I woke up that morning around 7:00 but was still kind of tired from hanging out with "the guys" the night before. I decided to start a load of laundry, and went down to the laundry room/utility closet and threw a load in the washer, and went back to my room and went back to sleep (there was only 1 washer and 1 dryer for the whole 8-unit apartment).

I was startled out of sleep about an hour-and-a-half later by a knock on the door, followed a few moments later by a more urgent sounding knock. When I answered the door, I recognized the girl at the door as another tenant in the building, but I didn't know her (she was about 2-3 years older than me, and not affiliated with FBBC in any way, just a "non college" couple renting).

She said, "Can you come downstairs and move your laundry over to the dryer? I need to get my wash started because I have a really busy day today."

I stood there for a couple moments thinking of all the things I could say to "zing" her . . . something like, "Oh, I'm so sorry... don't worry about me, my wedding isn't for a few hours . . ." Those of you who know me, however, know that when I first wake up I'm not really awake for about another half hour. So I just went downstairs (undoubtedly in a zombie-like manner) and switched the laundry without saying anything at all, and was just-enough awake to not be able to go back to bed. In hindsight, I wish I had said something, because this story isn't as interesting as I thought it would be when I began typing it.