Sunday, January 20, 2019

Zinus 14 Inch Lisa SmartBase Review

I'm always on the lookout for new or different ways to support a mattress. Enter the Zinus Lisa 14 inch SmartBase! This is a platform bed -- i.e., it is designed for mattresses that do not require a box spring.

EDIT: Some time in early 2019, Zinus changed the name of this product from "Lisa" to "Shawn." I have no idea why. So, anything you see on this blog referring to the Lisa is now the Shawn. Thanks.

(You could also get a very similar 18 inch one from another company.)

Sometimes this kind of thing is called a "box spring replacement" -- I don't love that name, because it's replacing both the box spring and the frame.
All you need is this product and a mattress.

Nearly all mattresses made within the last 10 years don't require a box spring, so this fits the bill in almost all situations -- but if it doubt, check with your mattresses manufacturer.

The most common mattress thickness is 10 inches, so the combined height would be around 24 inches -- a very normal, comfortable height for getting in and out of bed. It goes without saying that if your mattress is 12 inches thick, the combined height would be 26 inches (well, but I just said it anyhow, didn't I???).

Assembly is very easy. There are no tools needed, everything goes together with small bolts and wingnuts. You may wish to wear gloves while assembling simply to prevent finger pain. It comes in a box (see the video for dimensions) which weighs almost exactly 40 pounds for the queen size.

I wanted something that would be quick and easy to assemble, so this fits that bill perfectly. In addition, I wanted something that could be disassembled without too much of a problem, and this fits in that regard too. Something that has a good amount of clearance underneath? Yep.

See my video for the assembly:

Mobile user? You can also click here to view directly on YouTube.

The assembly time, my first time, was just over 12 minutes. I think I could assemble it in less than 10 minutes now.

With a Mattress on the Lisa SmartBase

Almost everyone could assemble this, unless you have severe arthritis, neuropathy, or a similar condition.

I used it for 4 days (sleeping on it) and never heard any squeaks.

The version that I tried was the standard version. There is also a deluxe version and an elite version if you need a little more support. (The elite version has been renamed the "Demetric" recently.) If I were planning to use it on a semi-permanent basis, I'd strongly consider either the elite or the deluxe if for no other reason to have the legs recessed slightly. It would make the odds of stubbing your toe smaller.

If you want something with no "edge-center" support leg, consider the QuickSnap platform bed instead, which I reviewed here.

Vital Stats:
Available in King, Queen, Full, Twin XL, Twin and Narrow Twin
Height: 14" (just under)
Under-bed clearance: 12.5" approximately based on my measurements
Cross-support: Metal wires
Space between wires: 4"

Click below to view the Zinus Lisa 14 inch SmartBase on Amazon now!

You can also view it directly on the Zinus website.

The above links are affiliate links; please see the disclosure at the bottom of this web page. Note that I paid full price for all products unless noted otherwise; all opinions are my personal reviews and preferences. Thanks for your consideration.


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