Saturday, February 7, 2015

Feeling Middle Aged

I began a new position with my company about 2 weeks ago. This requires about 6 weeks of training, and during this time, we're in a training room all day every day. (It really feels kind of like taking a college class again -- except I'm getting paid to do it and there's no take-home work.)

I think I'm the oldest trainee in my "class," though I haven't verified that with 100% certainty. [edit: verified.] I do know that there is one 24 year old and at least one 25 year old; most are in the 26-29 range.

And I have to say -- the gulf between 24 and [almost] 36 has never felt broader!

Here are some interesting moments over the past two weeks. Remember, these are all individuals who are supposed to be my "peers":

- "September 11th? Oh, I was in 5th grade when that happened" ("Um.... I was already married...")

- Somehow the movie Forrest Gump was mentioned. One of the other guys implied that it was a really old movie, the kind you only see on cable channel replays and such. Then again, he was 3 when it came out.

- Realizing that at least 2 of my peers we not alive for a single day during the 80's...

- Cell phones, cell phones, cell phones!
    (a) They simply can not be put down.
    (b) I am the only person in my class who does not have a web-enabled phone.

- Partying and "going out" on weeknights are still things. ("Sorry guys, I've got a big evening of playing Ocarina of Time with my boys and going to bed on time planned.")

I'm sure there will be more over the next 4 weeks, I'll try to keep updating!

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