Thursday, November 8, 2012

Two 4-Year-Olds Discuss Batman and Robin

Ben and Joe have taken a liking to Batman and all things Batman related.

This fascination came about in the last 4 months or so after they watched the Batman movie.

In their mind, this is the (only) Batman movie:

Batman: The Movie; copyright 1966.

Reminds me of my youthful days enjoying Batman. Reruns used to show on "The Family Channel" growing up. Somewhere in the 4th-6th grade range, my good friend John Juvan and I used to play Batman & Robin. We would hide in a small room or closet (some "secret" place) and pretend it was the Batcave. I made a Batcomputer out of cardboard.

I was usually Robin.

Fun to see the enjoyment being passed down to the next generation.

See how much you can interpret!

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