Wednesday, June 19, 2019

DreamCloud Mattress Price Drop!

Great news! Last week (June 11th 2019), DreamCloud announced that they are lowering the price of
all their mattresses! See the handy chart below:

As you can see, the price of every size except Queen went down by $200. The price of the Queen size went down by a whopping $300!

(The prices above are the "net" prices after the automatic $200 discount is applied. See my comments
below about that $200 discount.)

In my judgement, this now makes the DreamCloud extremely competitive. You probably already know that the DreamCloud is my personal favorite mattress, and the mattress that my wife and I sleep on every night (except when I'm reviewing another mattress). If you've not yet heard of my favor for the DreamCloud, watch my videos below or click here to see my full, written review. We've been sleeping on our DreamCloud for at least 6 months . . . maybe more.

I wanted to take a moment to discuss the $200 discount that applies to all DreamCloud purchases. Some bloggers and reviewers say they have a "special" $200 discount -- however, everyone gets the $200 discount. I don't want to insult your intelligence -- you know (or probably assume) that whoever refers you to DreamCloud gets a referral fee if you buy (and keep!) a mattress by using their link. If you think that my review is the most valuable, please use one of my links on this page or on YouTube! (which could be this one!) If you think someone else does a better job, use theirs! Thanks!

Amazon Suggestions:

I was provided with a DreamCould mattress in exchange for my (original) review. If you use one of my links to get to their website, and subsequently buy (and keep!) the mattress, I earn a referral fee which helps to support this blog and my YouTube channel. In addition, other links on this blog are considered to be "affiliate links" (such as the links to products through Amazon) and I am paid a small referral fee if you click one of these links and subsequently make a purchase. This costs you nothing. All opinions are my personal reviews and preferences, and do not represent the opinion of any particular company. Thanks for your consideration.


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