Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Best Black Friday Mattress Sales (2017)

Thanksgiving Week (including the famous day after -- "Black Friday") may be the 2nd best time of year to buy a mattress, after labor day. Now, really, with the advent of web-based companies who ship directly to the buyer, the deals are year-round, but there are some significant savings to be found this week if you look in the right places! Fortunately, I've done the work for you here!

(NOTE: These deals are accurate as of 11/19/2017. I've done my best to verify, but, terms can change, check each link for details.)

(Every mattress in this post has free-shipping to your home, and offers a risk-free trial period of at least 75 days or more. This list is in no particular order.)


Sapira is the hybrid-mattress cousin to the very popular Leesa mattress. My wife and I sleep on a
Sapira as our "every night mattress" (when not testing out something else!) and we love it.

Right now, you can take $250 off plus a free pillow CLICK HERE! This is the best discount I've ever seen on Sapira (they usually offer $150 off, and occasionally $200 off). This brings the queen size to $1,225 (regularly $1475).

You can see my full Sapira review here!


Speaking of Leesa, this all-memory foam mattress is one of the most popular out there. Currently, you can take $125 off plus a $25 Amazon gift card & a free pillow. CLICK HERE. Since there is often a $100 discount, this is a little better (if you think of the Amazon card as "cash," a net of $150 off . . . more if you count the pillow!). This brings the queen size "net cost" to $790.


Plushbeds has multiple models, and they are listing their latex mattresses as 60% off through December 5th. Now, they always have a big discount, but this comes out to $100 less than their usual price, bringing the price for the Botanical Bliss (the most popular model) in queen size to $1799. CLICK HERE!


Brooklyn Bedding's signature mattress -- not surprisingly called the "Brooklyn Signature," is $50 less than usual this week. This brings the queen size to $700, plus they throw in a free pillow and a free sheet set! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS! Their top-of-the line model, the Aurora, is also on sale for $300 off (bringing the queen size to $1399).


Amore offers multiple options, including three firmness levels and a "split option" (ie, you could go soft on one side, and firm on the other side!) CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS! Amore is a hybrid mattress. Right now they are offering a $150 discount -- they normally offer $100 of, so this is still a "limited time" savings of $50. This brings the end price for a queen to $825. (note: you have to get their "code" with the email offer that pops up).


Pangeabed is a luxurious copper-infused latex mattress. For the next week (or so), they are offering $200 off any mattress - this is greater than their last discount of $175. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS! They also throw in two free pillows to boot! This brings the end price to $695 for a queen.


The Nolah mattress is a high-quality "airfoam" mattress (something akin to memory foam, but not quite -- it offers more cooling and pressure point relief!). They are an environmentally friendly company, and each purchase supports endangered wildlife -- you can even pick which animal you want to support! Right now they are offering $125 off any mattress, which is $50 better than their most recent deal. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS!


Helix is one of the few few mattresses you can get that is highly customizable -- when you order one, you get to input several factors that will influence the outcome (firmness, etc.) For queen or larger, you can even do a "split" firmness! Right now, they are offering $100 off for a mattress+protector or mattress+foundation. This would essentially get you the matching mattress protector for free (net $990 for a queen). CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!


Still not seeing something you want? Here is my master list of at least 40 mattresses, all of which offer a direct-to-you delivery and a trial period of at least 75 days. Surely you can find something you like!

Some of the  links on this blog are for mattress companies with which I have a referral arrangement; that is, I earn a small referral fee which helps to support this blog and my YouTube channel if you visit one of these websites and subsequently make (and keep!) a purchase. This costs you nothing. In addition, other links on this blog are considered to be "affiliate links" (such as the links to products through Amazon) and I am paid a small referral fee if you click one of these links and subsequently make a purchase. This also costs you nothing. All opinions are my personal reviews and preferences, and do not represent the opinion of any particular company. Thanks for your consideration.


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