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Ankeny Rain Barrel Reimbursement Program - 05/31/17 Deadline!

A note to my normal readers -- this post is aimed mainly at people who live in and around Ankeny, Iowa. However, rain barrels are rain barrels, so maybe you will see something you like in the links below! Just ignore the stuff about the reimbursement program.

Hey Ankeny Residents! (And residents of select other cities in central Iowa!)
This is an example of a rain barrel I like.
(See description later in the post.)

Did you know the city will reimburse you for 50% of the cost of a rain barrel, up to $75?

How do I get in on this "secret program?" you ask? (OK, not a secret. I just didn't know about it before now. It's public info, just not well advertised.)

Step 1 - Click this link to get the form. Print the form. Have it ready to send in as soon as you've completed the other steps.

Step 2 - Buy a rain barrel. You can buy any rain barrel, but I have some recommendations below! This includes the one I bought which is eligible for the program

Step 3 - Print / keep your receipt. Send the form from step 1 in to the city along with the receipt or invoice.

Mail to:

City of Ankeny
Stormwater Mgmt. Department
220 W. First St.
Ankeny, IA  50023

Because of the city's fiscal year timing, it must be RECEIVED by May 31st, 2017!

(Note: this is based on information available on the city web site. I had to kind of piece things together to get all the info. Although I made my best effort to provide accurate info [I even emailed a city employee to verify the deadline], I don't work for the city so can't guarantee the accuracy of this info. Read the materials yourself.)

Step 4 - Just be aware that the city reserves the right to send someone out to look to make sure you're actually using a rain barrel. My guess is they don't send a guy the exact same day, so you can probably buy the rain barrel online and send in the form and receipt/invoice as soon as it's shipped. Just don't wait a long time to set it up. Or at least set it out.

NOTE: My understanding is that you can only get one rain-barrel reimbursement per lifetime. So if you've done the program through Ankeny in the past, you are likely out of luck. Call the city if in doubt.

OK - Now the fun stuff! Shopping for a rain barrel!

Different folks have different reasons for buying a rain barrel. Maybe you want free water for the garden. Maybe you're big on conservation. Maybe you're a prepper. Or, maybe it's as simple as you don't have a good place for water from one of your downspouts to go (that's me).

Sure you can go to a store and buy one, but I think the selection is far better online, and I don't have to haul it home.

Each of the below 3 barrels met my criterion: I won't need a downspout divert-er kit (can just aim the downspout at the top of the thing), has an overflow that can be hooked up to an included tube (ie, can "aim" the overflow), has a removable lid and removable debris screen, and can be hooked up to other rain barrels for a "linked" system if I expand in the future. I also would prefer it look a little nicer than a trash can. Feel free to do your search differently, that's just what was important to me.

I didn't post prices, they seem to fluctuate a lot anyhow, so look around for the best deals.

Here are my 3 picks I narrowed it down to:

1. The Ivy Rain Barrel from Rain Water Solutions - 50 gallon capacity

You can find it at:,,, and With, I was offered a new customer incentive: there was a "spring15" code to save 15%.

This one is a nice green color (there is a black one too that's way more expensive, for no apparent reason???) and looks somewhat stylish. Plus, they have a very helpful setup video (below). This is the one I ordered, but I have not received it yet.

2. The Moby Rain Barrel from Rain Water Solutions - 65 gallon capacity

This is the big brother of Ivy, and is made by the same company. I imagine he's got a pretty deep voice and sounds like Jabba the Hutt. Basically the same as Ivy, just bigger. As far as I saw, only comes in the one color (black).

I'm really thinking of getting this one, too. Those extra 15 gallons might matter.

You can find it on:,, and

3. Enviro World Corp. Rain Barrel - 55 gallon capacity

This one is bigger than the Ivy, but smaller than Moby. It has a more industrial look obviously. In addition to the grayish/white color, there is also a terracotta version.

This one I only spotted on &, but it might be elsewhere.

Happy shopping! Feel free to comment or ask questions. I'm no expert (well, this is my first rain barrel), but I'll try to answer any questions.

Note that as of date of publication (05/03/2017) I have not tried any of these. I plan to, but have not yet. I bought the Ivy & it's on the way. I am recommending based on research, not (yet) experience. I wanted to get this out timely since the Ankeny rebate thing ends in 28 days.


(I will continue to update this list as I find them)

Des Moines - Only if you live in the Easter Lake Watershed. $100 rebate possible. Click here to see their Facebook page (you can message them through Facebook) or call 515-964-1883 x. 3 to get the rebate form. No specific deadline is listed.

Ames - Rebate up to $50. Click here to get the form. Instructions, address, and phone number are all on the form. No specific deadline is listed.

Johnston -- Will rebate up to 50%, up to a max of $75. All the details on the city's web site.  05/31/2017 is the deadline.

Pleasant Hill -- Will rebate up to 50%, up to a max of $75. All the details are on the city's web site. 05/31/2017 is the deadline. They will give out a max of $5,000 total in reimbursements, on a first-come-first serve basis, so you may want to call the city before committing.

Waukee -- Rebate up to $50, but they only approve the first 30 applicants each fiscal year, it appears (really?) Will want to call the city before committing. All details on their web site.

The above links are affiliate links; please see the disclosure at the bottom of this web page. Note that I paid full price for all products unless noted otherwise; all opinions are my personal reviews and preferences. Thanks for your consideration.

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